Meeting Minutes 02/13/18

The week before States keeps everyone working hard. After another extra Monday meeting, we’re getting closer to adding the final touches on our Next Gen robot. Software has made great progress and is now debugging as much as possible. Check out our progress this meeting below!

Kai- Reworked engineering section of Engineering notebook to have better flow. Also began adding information where needed.

Erin- Started redesigning hand out cards for competition.

Logan – Finished the software notebook boy creating the test section. Finalized my judging speech. Also helped wire the next generation robot.

John. W-  Helped Mira with the side panel and installed some of the motor hubs. Didn’t quite get the robot done for software, butt we have time. Thinking about drivers and coaches.

Andrew – Worked on the engineering notebook. Also worked on the new autonomous mode for blue stone 2.

Kavin- Worked on cutting  Makerbeams for the side panel and attached them to the panel and mounted electronics mounts onto the plate and attached the main electronics controller onto the plate.

Duncan –  worked on the left side panel attachment  and helped organize where the electronics will go.

Mira- I worked on mounting the electronics to the side panels. I also worked on containing the wires.

Troy – Helped Duncan, Mira and John with bot building

Ayaan- Finished scouting sheet

Isaac – Finalized the integration of DogeCV + Vuforia into Red alliance stone 1 and Blue alliance stone 1. Worked out most bugs in both, and seems to have solved the “dancing kbot” navx bug encountered earlier.


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