Meeting Minutes 02/15/18

We celebrated Valentines early so that we could take a sweet break on Wednesday, but that doesn’t mean we can relax! This is the second to last meeting this week before we kick into States overdrive! Next gen is coming together better then ever, and judging speeches as well as updates in the engineering notebook have been contribute heavily. We want to be as prepared as possible so that next week is nothing but Practice, Practice, Practice!

Kara- I worked on my judging speech and also I worked on checking the notebook for Think Award criteria. I also added information to the Boxy page of the notebook.

Kai- More tweaks in the engineering sections of the notebook, directed further progress on notebook entries. Helped briefly with a cardboard prototype.

Anthony- Helped out with removing filaments from 3D printed parts, coated the parts with some spray. I also decided to start learning how to make 3D parts on Auto-desk.

Logan – Finalized my judging speech and made a list of the things we have done in software since the last competition. Helped wire up the robot.

Andrew – Worked on the engineering notebook. Added the nextgen prep list to the engineering notebook. I also helped fix a git error. Worked on the code for blue stone 2.

Duncan- worked on mounting the electronics to the side panel and started wiring everything together.

Danielle- Made an online version of the Holonomic Diagram for the notebook. Wrote reflections for the notebook.

Ayaan- Worked on wiring of the bot as well as cable management

Isaac – Resolved merge errors and successfully pushed my code. Began red stone 2 full integration creation.

Igor – New design for the phone support in CAD.

Troy – Attached the second WOE and the switch for the battery

John- Worked on the cable management of the robot.


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