Meeting Minutes 2/12/18

Ayaan- Finalized scouting spreadsheet by adding more detail to the autonomous scoring section and helped problem solving for the battery placement on the new bot

Kavin- Worked on drilling holes on the plastic side plates on the robot for the main mounting and electronics mounting. Also worked on determining locations for electronics mounting on side plates.

Isaac – Worked on some of the intricacies of the fully integrated op-modes. Discovered that our integrated Blue-1 op-mode acts like red-2 when run (today at least).

Angel – Worked on Plexiglass box for the glyphs and worked on the notebooks

Logan – Found a solution to the problem of the Plexiglass cage flexing. I started fabricating a frame out of maker beam.

John- Found a new way to mount the battery holder, also mounted the main power switch. Worked with Coach Thompson to mount the servo controller.

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