• Fabricated new wheel mounts for bolts
  • Attached Motors to chassis


  • Designed collector mechanism and box on CAD
  • Attached collector arm
  • Worked on collector arm placement



  • Continued brainstorming and analyzing alternative solutions for problems with Hawkeye system.


  • Experimented with the new platform called AirTable.
  • Contacted local restaurants for destination dining.


Apologies everybody, but we have not been able to catch up with our semi-daily meeting minutes, but now that the season is almost over, we can catch you up with what’s going on. The announcement for the worlds competition lottery is still pending for most teams so we’re still hopeful that we can win the chance to compete.


Hardware experimented with metallic rods to later install on a later prototype of the robot.


Isaac streamlined Hawkeye, our collision detection system so that we can get less false-positives. Andrew did research on Github, a coding platform that shares and saves code.


We updated the website and investigated with a new platform called AirTable and its usefulness is showing as time progresses.


Congratulations to Anderson, Aman, Robert, Gavin, and our Team Leads; Mercer, Logan, Troy, and Andrew. They made it into the school science fair! We are very proud of our team. We wish them luck competing with our peers on their way to districts.

Meeting Minutes 1/19/2019

Sorry for not posting for a couple of meetings since the Orange County Qualifier, but now we’re ready to get back on our feet and start Meeting Minutes again!

Hardware finished the collector mover, hard stop, and lift mechanism. We also worked on the wiring and the mineral dumper. This is good progress, and we only need to finish what we started and add a couple of features for making us competition legal. We project a completed robot after around 10 more hours of work.

Today software team completed many things. Isaac debugged DogeForia op mode. Kian coded Seymore and incorporated HawkEye into it. Chelsea created more pseudocode for all of the new op modes. Andrew transferred the pseudocode Chelsea made into graphical state machines.

Outreach: McKinley FLL Tournament 11/10/18

Part of our team volunteered at a regional FLL tournament hosted by McKinley High School. One of our members’ brothers is on one of the competing teams, the Master Builders. Every year, teams are challenged to build a robot out of Lego pieces to complete missions on a mat as well as create a solution to one of the challenges presented in the manual. This is a great learning experience and way for kids to get interested in robotics. FLL is also many kid’s first experience with FIRST.


Orange County AAR

An AAR is something we like to do after each competition. AAR stands for After Action Review. in our AARs we list three bad things that we did and three good things we did.

  • ¬†Isaac
    • Bad
      • Software was incomplete
      • Once lift was implemented the sampling was inconsistent
      • Issues with app; did not interfere with us on field
    • good
      • worked well under pressure
      • Communicated well with other teams
      • Got Award
  • Troy
    • Bad
      • Did not finish robot quickly enough
      • another team distracted key members while judges were at our table
      • members weren’t 100% attentive the whole time
    • good
      • we got the lift to work
      • We got chosen for a final alliance
      • Software coded efficiently
  • Sonny
    • Bad
      • Could have gone more in depth on certain topics in the engineering notebook
      • Marketing section in the notebook was not great
      • We could have used more sophisticated words
    • good
      • Covered all necessary areas in engineering notebook
      • Covered future goals effectively
      • We got the design award
  • Logan
    • Bad
      • A certain someone needs to work on their listening skills
      • We needed to have more time to debug the robot
      • our outreach section wasn’t very good
    • good
      • Robot turned out OK
      • Judging speech was alright
      • Software came through for us at the competition

20181110 Meeting Minutes

Software spent time fixing problems a number of different problems with two opmodes. They also completed some more designs for the new robot and updated them in the engineering notebook.

  • Isaac updated DogeCV and worked on fixing all the errors in the driving op modes.¬†
  • Robert worked on a class diagram for the new robot, Alan.
  • Andrew worked on updating the engineering notebook.


Meeting Minutes 11/1/2018

Today the software team fixed relative turn NavX. Isaac also fixed the telemetry log for the autonomous mode. Robert worked on wiring the new bot.

Hardware made a lot of progress today. We finished the assembling of the lift and we also put together the pulley system. We also calculated the weight that the lift can hold, and found that it can hold up to 24 lbs on the opposite side of the robot. Today, our actions brought us one step closer to finishing the robot. Next time we will be attaching the hook and the collector, and then attaching it to the robot. This will allow us to land and reattach to the launcher, as well as score minerals into the lander.

Marketing worked on the notebook today, by writing about the outreach events we participated in this season and creating assignments for the next week. We also wrote an entry on our website and worked on the member profiles.

Meeting Minutes 10/23

Today hardware worked on the lift mechanism drawing. We assembled parts of our lift mechanism, but unfortunately the 3D printed parts broke. We started printing the parts so that they are stronger, and won’t break. We also started working on the electronics.

In software team, Robert and Kian worked on tele-op. They fixed some problems with the hardware map and made BoxyHardwareHandler. Andrew talked with Mr.Simmons about game strategy. Mr.Simmons came up with a cool idea for knocking the mineral off, and Andrew thought of a good way to align oneself based off of the lines. Isaac made a hardware diagram for Boxy and tested its motors.

Marketing Team made plans for the homecoming parade this Friday. We also updated our Instagram, and started creating templates for our engineering notebook.

meeting minutes 10/19

Today the software team did some extensive code optimization and testing. Isaac tested dogeCV, figuring out where the phone should be. Logan created a servo program and saw the servo was very buggy. Andrew created the gamepad handlers for tele-op. He also is tested them and figured out some bugs.

Today, Hardware worked on the lift. the lift mount is secure and we added the turning mechanism, next time we will work on adding the lift part, as well as designing the slide. We also worked on the electronic component, and we built the plexiglass and drilled holes so we can attach it easily, and the software team told us where we need to put the phone. Next time we will work on sketching out the electronic components, and the lift mechanism.