Meeting Minutes 20171102

Ayaan and Geoffrey: Went through all the pictures on the Team’s google drive and picked out photos for the Engineering Notebook and completed the Whiteboard and Notebook Sketches by uploading the photos and adding comments to them

Duncan: made an outline for the hardware notebook section and had Ayaan and Geoffrey work on adding information to it.

Christopher : test out the servos and planing on the the new bird design

Mira: I cleaned up the printed lift parts and began assembling it. We tested to see if the parts fit, and it was successful.

Kai: Wrote some blog posts on previous outreach events or added photos to preexisting ones. Added outreach events to the engineering notebook. Also worked with Erin on finding notable photos for the engineering notebook. Quick work on reworking Oscar.

Andrew: Edited some old autonomous code, and fixed the amount of power that the motors used, so that the robot would not go crazy.

Troy: I set up the motor mounts for Oscar,  set up some stuff for the k-bot.

Logan: created teleop code for KBot

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