Minutes 20171104

Today is the last Saturday before our first qualifier next week. The pressure is intense. The software team had a software code freeze. Though there is some intresting code that we were not able to implement, it will be available for our next qualifier at Battlefield.

Andrew –  Wrote the autonomous for each balancing stone. Also, fixed the autonomous so that it would work. We had it run forward, but then we realized that we needed a block, and that the block was in the way, so I edited the code in order to cope with that, by making the robot drive backward into the safezone.

Logan – Fixed the KBot teleOp code from last meeting. I realized I had a capitol L in the software but a lower case l in the phone. added code to raise and lower the claw assembly and tied the claw to the A button. I also ran a dry run of the bot with Andrew, and learned that Kevlar string is stronger than a screw. We also learned that you have to carry two blocks to get the 4th block in the cryptobox.

Isaac – Began debugging the implementation of the NavX sensor and finished. Set up method-based implementation to set turn-target. Took a few tries, but added some code that let the opMode find the heading of the bot before testing for the first time, and tweaked some logic operators, and it now works! “So far only tested in a simple go forward then turn right” test scenario. See isaac_sensors branch of git repo to see actual code.

Erin- Started documents for team rosters and photos. Also edited the sponsor brochure.

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