Meeting Minutes 02/06/18

On top of an extra meeting on Monday, the <C://> Hawks continued work!

Duncan – added a bar at the bottom to support the lift, general maintenance on the robot.

Isaac – Began working on the Software section of the Engineering Notebook. Added passages about the SourceTree program as well as the work I did on the NavX sensor.

Kavin- in-+talled lift stop on robot, helped make new roller mounts for roller prototype, determine momentary switch locations on chassis and started to design a mount for them in CAD.

Andersen – Worked on the Motors section of the Engineering Notebook and explained servos. Marked up GamePad controllers in Teleop section of notebook.

Andrew – Worked on the Engineering notebook. Starting work on the NextGen Code

Katie Wagner – Made another page in the notebook

John- Worked on the robot by inspecting for loose screws, oppurtunties to put in nylon locking nuts, lock-tite, and re-enforcing bars. We ended up putting in one bar near the front. Lifter made a weird noise when Kaven accidentally put it down on max power, hopefully that isnt a problem.

Logan – I made the notebook section for DogeCV today. I started making BoxD work, I crated the hardware file, but I ran into an error.

Mira- I made a new intake mount for the C channels to allow for our new idea.

Troy – Worked on the lift.

Igor- Worked on the electronics supports.

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