Meeting Minutes 02/08/18

After a relaxing snow day off yesterday, the <C://> Hawks return to engineer our latest mechanisms. As we approach our States deadline, scouting forms and the grand Engineering Workbook have begun to have new information and design added.

Ayaan- Worked on disassembly and worked on new scoring sheet for scouting.

Andrew –  Worked on the notebook. Pretty much finished Vuforia section.

Isaac – Wrote in the notebook. Contributed to Servos, NavX, DogeCV, Git, and Vuforia sections.

John.W- For most of the meeting  I dedicated my time to color coordinating the allen wrenches, using the most efficient method. Helped with mounting the grabber arms.

Duncan. M- Worked on the mounting  the collecting system for the robot, drank that good ol fashion Arizona iced green tea with ginseng and honey with only 25g of sugar per can its almost irresistible  to any  above / below (but mostly below) average Irishmen

Logan – Today I worked on the notebook. I revised most of the beginning, and created a section about comments. I also began a section on how Github works together with Slack.

Igor – worked on the side panels ( new design )

Mira –  Worked with Igor to design the side panels and work around the side arm and other parts. We decided we will have two panels on one side and have the electronics in between.

Angel – Finished collector mechanism

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