Meeting Minutes 20171021

Meeting Agenda:



Isaac – Implemented some elements of the NavX sensor. Test opMode tells you if you have turned 90 degrees in either direction, and also tells you whether you have turned too far. Plans are to implement this fully as a course correction mechanism for the bot.

Logan & Andrew – We worked on getting autonomous to work today. We tried bug fixing a basic autonomous program from last year, but ended up editing a test program and it worked.

Kara – Began to program a ‘Hot key’ on the robot so it will turn 90 degrees when the bumpers are pressed, so far when the bumpers are pressed the bot turns left or right for however long you push the button. Joseph is helping figure out the math so we can get the robot to turn 90 degrees.


Kai – Attached grabber to grabber lift; did extensive rework to website. Altered base theme, menu options, widgets, sponsorship pages and more. Plan to do some edits in html for fancier home page.

Duncan- decided to get rid of using beveled gears to power our wheels. they where not meshing and getting unaligned. Switched over to using regular gears, got all of the wheels and gears attached.

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