What is Robot?

Robots have a physical body and an object that controls it. Sensor readings go from the physical body to the control object. Control signals go from the control object to the physical robot.

“Robot control software can only guess the state of the real world based on measurements returned by its sensors” – Nick McCrea

Software that generates control signals is required to run at very high speeds and make complex computations. This affects which robot programming language would be best.

2 types of robots are autonomous and remote-control. Autonomous robots figure things out for them selves while remote-control robots are controlled by ‘drivers’. 2 more categories of robots include mobile and stationary robots. Stationary robots stay in one place, unless moved, while, mobile robots can roll, walk, or even slither.

There are many ways for a robot to monitor its environment. Some examples include proximity sensors, light sensor, bumpers, and cameras. Robots can also communicate with external sensors that give the robot information they can’t directly observe.