Meeting Minutes 20171019

Hardware Finish grabber Get "boxy" formatted for emergency competition Development of "Oscar" and light work on "Kaven bot"   Software Today we started to develop a basic autonomous code using dead reckoning as a framework for future autonomous programs We did bug fixing for the basic Autonomous program because it did not actually do anything... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 20171017

Alright... today in the hardware "lab" I sat down and did nothing while the other people were working on stuff. However, I realized that I needed to do work so I started doing that and that was pretty good. Agenda: Hardware: Progress on the "Oscar the Grouch" Considered pistons and alternatives altered grabber (yet again)... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 20171014

Hardware Kai- continued construction with Oscar. Ran into issues due to lack of parts. Mira-Made the lift systems 3D printed parts in CAD and added a way to attach the rods to the robot. David- Made an unexpected entrance* John- Pushed for new robot wheel design(Kavin's bot), removed 2 sets of old wheels and currently... Continue Reading →

Homecoming Parade 20171006

Our school's homecoming parade happened recently. A few members and a few coaches gathered to get some more visibility for the team. We made a banner of out logo and got some bags of candy. We then proceeded to walk from Hunter's Woods shopping center to South Lakes High School. We distributed candy at the... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 20171012

Software: Isaac - Installed and debugged libraries for NavX sensor. Kara- Put dates on the calendar, taught Daniel about phones and github Logan, Andrew, Evan - Edited holonomic code to work for Boxy. Messed around with Boxy. Hardware: Duncan: We had the pieces today for one of our lifts designed out a new way to... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 20171010

Agenda Hardware Ayaan: Worked on lift bot's arm mechanism and drive train. Duncan: decided that when there is six build members or less the team will focus on just building Kavin design(forklift). if we have a surplus of members we will work on  both bots. worked on lift mechanisms. Rohan: Worked on improving the string... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 20171007

Accomplishments Software Team Fixed some errors in Boxy from last meeting Separated working motors Green - good Red - bad Green and Red - good but can't be updated Motors work Setting up new phones Tested Boxy Boxy is compatible with the remote and can drive Robot Design Building dump truck arm for robot tested... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 20171005

Agenda: -Hardware: Make/turn in parts list Have both groups continue working on the robot(s) -Software: Wiring "Boxy" (a name for one of the robots) Updating FTC app     What the hardware teams are working on: -Team 1 building a fork-lift bot Attaching the motors and motor mounts -Team 2 Working on a "dump-truck" bot... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minute 20171003

The agenda New phones! 😀 Building the dump truck design making a bot Software Team debugging boxy the robo The outreach team taking about homecoming Blocky birdq

Meeting Minutes 20170930

Agenda Robot Plans and Design Discussions Software Development Website Work A Productive Saturday Robot Designs  Set out priority plan on game point systems Planned out future agenda based on priorities Discussed plans for implementing multiple robot designs Discussed several new robot designs, and ideas Plan A-Kevin's: Easiest to implant Pros: simple, works, less time in... Continue Reading →

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