Meeting Minutes 20170930

Agenda Robot Plans and Design Discussions Software Development Website Work A Productive Saturday Robot Designs  Set out priority plan on game point systems Planned out future agenda based on priorities Discussed plans for implementing multiple robot designs Discussed several new robot designs, and ideas Plan A-Kevin's: Easiest to implant Pros: simple, works, less time in... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 20170928

Agenda Complete roster - names, emails, T shirt sizes Finish re-wheeling Duchess C-Bot needs testing Parts wishlist A-Frame development Make sure Phone system works properly and efficiently Begin to plan pseudo code for autonomous Minutes Some of the field pieces were assembled by Rohan. Mira continued building a CAD drawing of an idea for a... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 20170926

Agenda Engineering Design Process Install C-Bot Electronics Test Tank Drive on C-Bot Swap out wheels on Duchess (mecanum for regular) Initial Bot Design Create A-Frame Engineering Design Process Reviewed the Engineering Design Process and talked about how the team might be able to work together. Hardware worked on C bot (software testing robot), trained new... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 20170923

Agenda Robot Designs Progress with Software Team First successful Saturday meeting Robot Designs  Decided on making 3 robots (1 for software, 2 others for a "leap-frog design") Salvaged parts from Duchess(2 mecanum wheels) Progress with Software Team Software team updated on "Github" Everyone had Android Studio updated Downloaded latest and coolest software for the driver... Continue Reading →

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