Meeting Minutes 20170928

Agenda Complete roster - names, emails, T shirt sizes Finish re-wheeling Duchess C-Bot needs testing Parts wishlist A-Frame development Make sure Phone system works properly and efficiently Begin to plan pseudo code for autonomous Minutes Some of the field pieces were assembled by Rohan. Mira continued building a CAD drawing of an idea for a... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 20170926

Agenda Engineering Design Process Install C-Bot Electronics Test Tank Drive on C-Bot Swap out wheels on Duchess (mecanum for regular) Initial Bot Design Create A-Frame Engineering Design Process Reviewed the Engineering Design Process and talked about how the team might be able to work together. Hardware worked on C bot (software testing robot), trained new... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 20170923

Agenda Robot Designs Progress with Software Team First successful Saturday meeting Robot Designs  Decided on making 3 robots (1 for software, 2 others for a "leap-frog design") Salvaged parts from Duchess(2 mecanum wheels) Progress with Software Team Software team updated on "Github" Everyone had Android Studio updated Downloaded latest and coolest software for the driver... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 20170921 – Interest Meeting

Agenda FTC Overview FTC Relic Recovery Discussing ideas Homecoming robot Team building exercises FTC Overview Explanation of robotics club to new members Description of challenge What to expect by joining robotics FTC Relic Recovery Video on relic recovery Example videos on other projects for inspiration Discussing ideas World trade center mechanics (weight distribution) Homecoming robot... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 20170919

Agenda Thursday Agenda Rules Analysis organize Software Team Rough bot designs Duncan's sponsorship thingy Thursday Agenda There are two different things happening on Thursday regarding our team. Part of the team is going to talk to Orbital, one of our sponsors Orbital Attendees: Joseph, Kai, Isaac, Cassie, Anthony, Katie, Lila, Interest Meeting Attendees: Duncan(1 hr), Kara,... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 20170914

Agenda Leadership discussion Elections Current Schedule Group Progress Leadership Discussion Elections were held today! Seniors held a meeting, and shared their advice on responsibilities of leadership and importance of commitment to the team. Candidates  were: Team Captain Nominees Angel C. John W. Software Lead Logan M. Kara H. Hardware lead  Duncan M Angel  C CAD... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 20170907

Overthrow the government Interest Meeting Website Social Media Slack Github   This is the new and improved team mascot, senor c-more, which replaces are old one, c-more. These are the major components for FIRST. We had a good turn out for our meeting with 16 students in attendance.

Meeting Minutes 20170831

First new meeting of the school year!👌🏼 We discussed plans for the future, as well as future meetings, and the interest meeting for the future. We received personal notebooks from our mentor!  We met the new members from Langston Hughes and talked about our summer experiences. Also discussed a new team heirarchy and planned a... Continue Reading →

FIRST Global March-April 2017

During March and April of 2017, multiple members of the South Lakes Robotics team participated in the start-up of the first ever FIRST Global competition! FTC Global is a engineering competition, similar to that of FTC, that brings together bright young minds from all around the world. Over 161 countries participated! Here, you might recognize... Continue Reading →

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