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Meeting Minutes 03/10/18

Isaac - Began constructing notes for the content of the first of a video series about the NavX sensor. John- Worked on boring some holes on PCB and supervised the progress of Logan's soldering job. Andersen- Worked on assembling the Romi Chassis bot for Maker Fair. Learned how to solder for the first time. Logan... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 03/06/18

First meeting since States, and we're taking it easy! Members have some free time experiment on new projects. Kavin-Worked on robot bird locomotive thing inside using CAD Andrew - Worked a little on the autonomous Logan - I made a sin up genius for the Maker Faire, it is vaseball themed John- Worked on getting... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 02/21/18

Second to last meeting! The stress is on as we reach the middle of crunch week. We're working to the very last second! Duncan- fixed the Engineering section of the notebook. Practiced new speech. Troy - Worked on notebook, and helped with the glyph holder arm.  sighed up to be a scout at the competition.... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 02/20/18

First meeting of crunch week! We hit the ground running, starting right after school all the way till 9pm! Software is getting the bot prepped for the drivers, and judging panel is mastering their speeches once again. With four days till states, there's not a second to waste! Kavin- Worked on CAD parts of the... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 02/17/18

The last Saturday before States! Crunch time is upon us, and we're hunkering down! Next Gen is up and running, bug testing and final tweaking are happening as we speak! Our members our dedicated to making sure our robot is top notch! Kai- Revisted judging speech and started improving. Started side panel designs Kara- Worked... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 02/15/18

We celebrated Valentines early so that we could take a sweet break on Wednesday, but that doesn't mean we can relax! This is the second to last meeting this week before we kick into States overdrive! Next gen is coming together better then ever, and judging speeches as well as updates in the engineering notebook... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 02/13/18

The week before States keeps everyone working hard. After another extra Monday meeting, we're getting closer to adding the final touches on our Next Gen robot. Software has made great progress and is now debugging as much as possible. Check out our progress this meeting below! Kai- Reworked engineering section of Engineering notebook to have... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 2/12/18

Ayaan- Finalized scouting spreadsheet by adding more detail to the autonomous scoring section and helped problem solving for the battery placement on the new bot Kavin- Worked on drilling holes on the plastic side plates on the robot for the main mounting and electronics mounting. Also worked on determining locations for electronics mounting on side... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 02/10/18

This Saturday meeting was one step closer to completing the build. The Engineering Notebook is being updated tremendously as we near our final design. After weeks of trial and error, we're nearing success! Ayaan- Worked on notebook chassis section and how it has changed since Orange County Duncan- improved the ramp on the collector system... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 02/08/18

After a relaxing snow day off yesterday, the <C://> Hawks return to engineer our latest mechanisms. As we approach our States deadline, scouting forms and the grand Engineering Workbook have begun to have new information and design added. Ayaan- Worked on disassembly and worked on new scoring sheet for scouting. Andrew -  Worked on the... Continue Reading →

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