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meeting minutes 10/13

The marketing team came up with a long term plan for things they want to accomplish. They also made a brochure that the team can give to students interested in joining the team. The software converted the turn method in BoxyHardwareMap to four-wheel drive,started work on the autonomous state machine, and determined how we would... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 10/9

Today the hardware team worked on the re-design and maintenance of the software bot, Box-A. The software team worked on creating a diagram that will be the basis of the code organization this year. Hardware team came to the conclusion that our robot should have four-wheel drive, and began to implement this on Box-A. New... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 10/6

We had an awesome meeting today. It was the school's SAT day, so we had to meet at one of our team member's houses. Hardware team got some great work done, while Software was having compiler issues. Hardware did work on completing our new  software test robot, BoxA. Also, we did some work on completing... Continue Reading →

meeting minutes 10/4

Today hardware decided on a final design for our collector and mineral dispenser. Soft ware made gold mineral alignment test for autonomous. The hardware team finished designing the lift and ball collector, and started working on the third prototype for the ball collector. After that we worked on the final chassis and worked on the... Continue Reading →

Northrop Grumman 2018

Our team was invited by Northrop Grumman, one of our sponsors, to the company picnic. We set up some field tiles for kids to drive our robot. We also had a table where we did our signature event Build-A-Bot, where kids can play with our robot parts. We originally had some worries about kids driving... Continue Reading →

meeting minutes 10/2

We had a great meeting today, I've helped with the design of our mascots basic wing mechanics, and today the software team seemed to be successful . Today the software team accomplished quite a bit. Today we figured out the problem with the program named "DogeCV". Isaac made the NavX code more functionable, more efficient,... Continue Reading →


Software: Isaac made the NavX sensor opmode more efficient; less complicated, responds faster, and reformatted. Also, the team finished the flow charts for the autonomous mode, and began on code. Hardware: Fixed the testing robot, Boxy. Also, built a new chassis for the robot, made progress on spinning mechanism for collecting, and worked on two... Continue Reading →

Back To School Night

Yesterday was Back to School Night for parents, where parents come to our school and meet their kids’ teachers. Before the parents went off to their children's’ classrooms, they walked through the main hall and viewed different clubs and sports at South Lakes. We set up  a booth so that parents could learn about the... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 9/27

In today's meeting, software progressed more into the autonomous by working on a flowchart, while also working on finishing DogeCV. Hardware worked on repairing one of the robots, while also prototyping new solutions for this year's challenges. Today Robert worked on the autonomous flow chart, discussing the many possible options for orientation. The software team... Continue Reading →

Meeting Minutes 9/25

Isaac taught the new people how the NavX worked. Andrew added the lift and the collection mechanism to the hardware map. He also began coding the lift mechanism. Robert and Kian worked on the autonomous Jay worked on the autonomous flow diagram Hardware worked on making a lifting mechanism and making smaller versions of a... Continue Reading →

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