Meeting Minutes 9/13/2018

We had a great meeting today! We have finally started the season in earnest, and did some great activities for preparing to build the bot. First we did team elections for all four team leads, captain, Software, Hardware, and marketing.

We did a Stu-Bot activity, hardware team started to inventory our parts, and Marketing team fixed some problems with the website. Stu-Bot is a popular activity in FRC, a competition similar to FTC but scaled up to football court size. We scaled down the FTC field 4 times smaller and moved around small LEGO cars to simulate the game. We learned that autonomous will have to account for the small space that both bots will be going to, and roughly how many minerals we can expect to collect. 

Hardware team did some great work on inventory. They got almost half way finished! Some great charts were produced to show what each part was.

Marketing did some great work on the website. Check it out!

Meeting Minutes 09/09/2018

Season Kickoff

We decided to get together for the release of 2018 Rules and Gameplay video. We watched some conspiracy videos about the teaser. Then we tuned into twitch for the release. After the video came out we watched it several more times while writing down some rules and all the possible ways to score points. After we brainstormed and discussed for a little while we watched some competition videos of some of the winning teams for last year so we could get some more ideas.

Meeting Minutes 9/6/2018

Today we continued to welcome new members to the club. We discussed who we are as a team, essentially constructing a mission statement of sorts for the team as a whole. We talked about the FTC Challenge Kickoff that will happen on Saturday. We also set out guidelines for members planning on taking leadership roles in the team for the coming year.

Meeting Minutes 8/30/2018

Today we kicked off the season with our first meeting! We introduced new members, discussed rules and expectations, and watched the 2019 Rover Ruckus teaser video. We also considered plans for recruiting more people and the future of our team. Tomorrow our school will be hosting its annual Block Party, where we will start meeting new students at our school.

Meeting Minutes 4/7/2018

What should be a bright spring morning was instead gray and dusted in snow! Despite the overcast, students still attended on their Saturday off to continue to learn.

Andrew – Looked at cool code to learn from others and devolope my own coding style.

Isaac – Also looked at the code examples from other teams. Helped to set up the repository for next year’s code.

Troy – Worked on fixing the robots from the maker fair.  Repairs are a work in progress.

Kai- Took nice pictures of our robots for a Sponsor Orbital, as well as start organizing sponsorship gifts.

Logan – I did “STUFF AND THINGS” on Github. I found some other teams code on Github and looked at a great state machine.

C Hawks To-Do List

Stuff we need to do to get our robot to work!

  • Hardware

    • No upgrades are planned at the moment
  • Software

    • Autonomous
      • deposit glyph in safe zone with vuforia
      • work out kinks in gem
    • Teleop
      • fix the code so you can move the lift while you move the wheels

Meeting Minutes 03/10/18

Isaac – Began constructing notes for the content of the first of a video series about the NavX sensor.

John- Worked on boring some holes on PCB and supervised the progress of Logan’s soldering job.

Andersen- Worked on assembling the Romi Chassis bot for Maker Fair. Learned how to solder for the first time.

Logan – Attempted to get a Raspberry pi to recognize a i2c Servo Controller for Seamore. Also soldered connections for the Romi Chassis robot.

Andrew – Worked on the Raspberry pi, and got the servo to work with python. I also debugged the Raspberry pi not detecting I2C. I am going to work on getting the car robot with the camera, and add DogeCV onto it.



Meeting Minutes 03/06/18

First meeting since States, and we’re taking it easy! Members have some free time experiment on new projects.

Kavin-Worked on robot bird locomotive thing inside using CAD

Andrew – Worked a little on the autonomous

Logan – I made a sin up genius for the Maker Faire, it is vaseball themed

John- Worked on getting k-bot working

Igor – Helped Kavin with the bird lego skeleton

Troy – Worked on the wiring for the raspberry pi for the bird.

Meeting Minutes 02/21/18

Second to last meeting! The stress is on as we reach the middle of crunch week. We’re working to the very last second!

Duncan- fixed the Engineering section of the notebook. Practiced new speech.

Troy – Worked on notebook, and helped with the glyph holder arm.  sighed up to be a scout at the competition.

Kavin- worked on notebook, uploaded all photos for all sections on K-bot, wrote new entries for CAD section(roller wheels and spacers) and uploaded the according photos.

Katie- Outreach Impact sections of the notebook

Igor- Worked in the Engineering notebook

Isaac – Finished writing up for the Control Award on the main form and a summary page also. Also made a google form for the Pit Scouting.

Andrew – Got the tele-op code to pretty much completion. Finished up collection of blocks. Just need to add dropping blocks off at the top.

Kai- Extensive clean up on engineering notebook

Meeting Minutes 02/20/18

First meeting of crunch week! We hit the ground running, starting right after school all the way till 9pm! Software is getting the bot prepped for the drivers, and judging panel is mastering their speeches once again. With four days till states, there’s not a second to waste!

Kavin- Worked on CAD parts of the design notebook. Added photos of development of grabbers, explanation of limit switch mount, and next gen-predesign assembly on CAD.

Kara- Fixed an error in the autonomous code, worked on my judging speech and memorized the kryptobox keys.

Mira-I worked on attaching a servo to the glyph box in order to hold the glyphs. We only had enough space to fit it on one side. Then I worked on judging.

Erin-Worked on editing the engineering notebook and helped the judging group.

Troy – Worked on a holder to block the glyphs from falling off the lift when putting them on the top to parts of the cryptobox

Isaac – Worked on finishing the control award. Got most of the way through the standard form.

Igor – Fixed the problems on the CAD of the phone support.

Logan – I tested the BlueStone1 code, but the navx had issues connecting. I also practiced my judgment speech.

Andrew – I worked on the code for the lift, and to reset it. I also worked on the code for set the position of the lift, so that we can collect blocks better.

Rohan – Put updated photos in the engineering notebook

John – Worked on judging for the robotics did at least 3 presentation and worked on the notebook a little.

Kai- updated judging speech and practiced with judging panel