• Fabricated new wheel mounts for bolts
  • Attached Motors to chassis


  • Designed collector mechanism and box on CAD
  • Attached collector arm
  • Worked on collector arm placement



  • Continued brainstorming and analyzing alternative solutions for problems with Hawkeye system.


  • Experimented with the new platform called AirTable.
  • Contacted local restaurants for destination dining.


Apologies everybody, but we have not been able to catch up with our semi-daily meeting minutes, but now that the season is almost over, we can catch you up with what’s going on. The announcement for the worlds competition lottery is still pending for most teams so we’re still hopeful that we can win the chance to compete.


Hardware experimented with metallic rods to later install on a later prototype of the robot.


Isaac streamlined Hawkeye, our collision detection system so that we can get less false-positives. Andrew did research on Github, a coding platform that shares and saves code.


We updated the website and investigated with a new platform called AirTable and its usefulness is showing as time progresses.


Congratulations to Anderson, Aman, Robert, Gavin, and our Team Leads; Mercer, Logan, Troy, and Andrew. They made it into the school science fair! We are very proud of our team. We wish them luck competing with our peers on their way to districts.

Meeting Minutes 1/19/2019

Sorry for not posting for a couple of meetings since the Orange County Qualifier, but now we’re ready to get back on our feet and start Meeting Minutes again!

Hardware finished the collector mover, hard stop, and lift mechanism. We also worked on the wiring and the mineral dumper. This is good progress, and we only need to finish what we started and add a couple of features for making us competition legal. We project a completed robot after around 10 more hours of work.

Today software team completed many things. Isaac debugged DogeForia op mode. Kian coded Seymore and incorporated HawkEye into it. Chelsea created more pseudocode for all of the new op modes. Andrew transferred the pseudocode Chelsea made into graphical state machines.

20181110 Meeting Minutes

Software spent time fixing problems a number of different problems with two opmodes. They also completed some more designs for the new robot and updated them in the engineering notebook.

  • Isaac updated DogeCV and worked on fixing all the errors in the driving op modes. 
  • Robert worked on a class diagram for the new robot, Alan.
  • Andrew worked on updating the engineering notebook.