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SLHS 2020

NOVA Labs FLL Mock Tournament

Our team got to help prepare FLL teams for their upcoming tournament by assisting NOVA Labs with their annual mock tournament. It incorporated all the elements of a real FLL tournament, including robot missions, design, project, and core values. There were five teams present, with varying amounts of experience and members. The teams received score sheets for each area of competition at the end, which showed them where they did well and where to improve.novalabs2.jpeg

These events are important as they support younger kids involved with FIRST, and encourage them to stick with it into high school and beyond. Many of our current members and mentors started as members or coaches of FLL teams.


We will continue to support the FLL team Candy Legos through their competition on November 18th, as well as improve our website to provide more resources for younger teams.


Meeting Minutes 20171102

Ayaan and Geoffrey: Went through all the pictures on the Team’s google drive and picked out photos for the Engineering Notebook and completed the Whiteboard and Notebook Sketches by uploading the photos and adding comments to them

Duncan: made an outline for the hardware notebook section and had Ayaan and Geoffrey work on adding information to it.

Christopher : test out the servos and planing on the the new bird design

Mira: I cleaned up the printed lift parts and began assembling it. We tested to see if the parts fit, and it was successful.

Kai: Wrote some blog posts on previous outreach events or added photos to preexisting ones. Added outreach events to the engineering notebook. Also worked with Erin on finding notable photos for the engineering notebook. Quick work on reworking Oscar.

Andrew: Edited some old autonomous code, and fixed the amount of power that the motors used, so that the robot would not go crazy.

Troy: I set up the motor mounts for Oscar,  set up some stuff for the k-bot.

Logan: created teleop code for KBot

Meeting Minutes 20171028

Today was a very productive day for both the software and hardware team. Progress on boxy, Ocscar, K-bot, and autonomous! The website had a few tweaks overall.


John: Mounted the NaVx module onto “Boxy” which is now the strongest on most secure piece, finished work on upholstering one of the grabber arm for “Oscar”, started work on the drive wheels for “Oscar.” Directed some of the design process to Kavin and Mira.

Duncan: Finished wiring the electronics, used zip ties. Extended the jewel knocker arm. Changed the pulley on the lifter to allow its function to be smoother(K-Bot). “K-bot” was given to software.


Worked on some autonomous code in order to get to the safe zone.

MR color sensor:     Can accurately detect colors, but depends not only on distance but exact color can change with background lighting.  Also the ODS does not seem to be able to detect color, just distance. – Angel

Created the configuration and hardware file for KBot, and also worked on debugging it. Also created a wiring diagram and fixed some cables.

Debugged NavX sensor code and tested motor-less code on full Boxy. – Isaac


Assigned parts of the notebook and created bios for team members.

Meeting Minutes 20171026

As we approach our first qualifier, we are preparing to begin crunch week. Fragments of robot and design our coming together as things get hectic.



Kai: Extensive design work on the website

Judging Team: Meet and discussed judging session plans with Herndon mentors Coach Simmons and Coach Koca

Hard ware

Duncan: finished adding the electronics to the robot and began wiring them up. Also talked to software about the functions of the robot so that they can decide what pats of the controllers do what

Evan and Danielle: Fixed motor codes for boxy and started to assign controls to the remote

John: Did the primary wiring on the robot, had a talk in order to prep for Inspire Award, deciding on meeting new meeting dates for crunch week(exciting!)


Isaac: Added lines of code that should begin allow course correction. Testing of code pending.


Outreach Event 20171014

FIRST Lego League Team

We invited the FLL team Candy Legos to visit our Saturday meeting with the Langston Hughes team 6633.We gave the kids a tour the Langston Hughes Tech Ed room / meeting space, showing them what their future robotics meetings would look like. We discussed and gave them advice on their project ideas and sensor issues.

The FLL team got to see two FTC teams in action, creating different solutions for the same challenge. Jake, representing team 6633, discussed their design process, while John discussed ours.

As ambassadors of the FIRST program, we always try to improve with each opportunity. Some of our next actions will be volunteering for the FLL mock tournament at NOVA Labs and creating a resource page for our website. We are also planning on advertising our club more at Rachel Carson MS, the other middle school that feeds into South Lakes.

Meeting Minutes 20171024

We decided on Tshirts today, and mounted electronics on Kbot. We continued working on the code for the NavX sensor.


Isaac: Started to add code for the implementation of the NavX sensor in course correction in Autonomous mode(s).

Joseph/Kara: Worked on turning to an exact degree based on the robot’s dimensions. Next meeting will get the code to control and move the motors.


Anthony: I helped out today by working on the lift mechanism and later I did the tedious of assembling mecanum wheels like a dumb homosapien.

Mira: I worked on modeling the frame of the k bot in CAD and added the lift.

John(in association with Duncan and Ayaan): Helped with the progression of K-bot by checking the operations of the lift, mounting electronics, and working out the other details

Kai: Worked on Oscar’s motor placements

Ayaan: worked with Kai and picked final T-shirt design, assembled some mechanum wheels.




Lizzie: I posted about our school’s website announcement of our competition on the blog.

Club Fair 20171013

Our school hosted its annual club fair yesterday, where students could go out into the main hallway during lunch and explore the extra curricular activities offered by our school. We had a table where we talked to people and passed out flyers.

Meeting Minutes 20171019


  • Finish grabber
  • Get “boxy” formatted for emergency competition
  • Development of “Oscar” and light work on “Kaven bot”



  • Today we started to develop a basic autonomous code using dead reckoning as a framework for future autonomous programs
  • We did bug fixing for the basic Autonomous program because it did not actually do anything
  • Someone mentioned skeletons and its October. 3sp00ky5m3
  • We also worked on making the grabber code actually work
  • We created a diagram for the wiring on boxy and began to work on buttons for the controller


  • Business Meeting planned for Saturday



Ayaan- Mentored some of the new members with the “Kerven bot.” Made cosmetic additions to “Trash-truck bot”

John- Finished work on the duplicate grabber and helped get it on to “Oscar.”

Duncan – Helped with bevel gear work, had some problems(not yet solved).

Evan – supervised Logan and new Andrew

Danielle- Helped Kara make a wiring diagram and controller diagram.

Geoffrey and Bradley Tried to connect motors to wheels but could not get the spacing correct

Angel- Finished lift mechanism(not mounted)

Kai- Attached other half of grabber lifter, cut special length of metal for duplicate grabber. It fits perfectly but we are still adding the grip tape to both limbs.
Isaac – Continued to debug the code for the grabber: still not stable enough to run.

Meeting Minutes 20171014


Kai- continued construction with Oscar. Ran into issues due to lack of parts.

Mira-Made the lift systems 3D printed parts in CAD and added a way to attach the rods to the robot.

David- Made an unexpected entrance*

John- Pushed for new robot wheel design(Kavin’s bot), removed 2 sets of old wheels and currently installing chain


Isaac – Began integrating color sensor into autonomous mode. Helped Andersen install necessary software.


Homecoming Parade 20171006

IMG_5551 (1)

Our school’s homecoming parade happened recently.

A few members and a few coaches gathered to get some more visibility for the team. We made a banner of out logo and got some bags of candy. We then proceeded to walk from Hunter’s Woods shopping center to South Lakes High School. We distributed candy at the assembled masses as we marched.