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SLHS 2020

Outreach: McKinley FLL Tournament 11/10/18

Part of our team volunteered at a regional FLL tournament hosted by McKinley High School. One of our members’ brothers is on one of the competing teams, the Master Builders. Every year, teams are challenged to build a robot out of Lego pieces to complete missions on a mat as well as create a solution to one of the challenges presented in the manual. This is a great learning experience and way for kids to get interested in robotics. FLL is also many kid’s first experience with FIRST.


Meeting Minutes 11/1/2018

Today the software team fixed relative turn NavX. Isaac also fixed the telemetry log for the autonomous mode. Robert worked on wiring the new bot.

Hardware made a lot of progress today. We finished the assembling of the lift and we also put together the pulley system. We also calculated the weight that the lift can hold, and found that it can hold up to 24 lbs on the opposite side of the robot. Today, our actions brought us one step closer to finishing the robot. Next time we will be attaching the hook and the collector, and then attaching it to the robot. This will allow us to land and reattach to the launcher, as well as score minerals into the lander.

Marketing worked on the notebook today, by writing about the outreach events we participated in this season and creating assignments for the next week. We also wrote an entry on our website and worked on the member profiles.

Meeting Minutes 10/23

Today hardware worked on the lift mechanism drawing. We assembled parts of our lift mechanism, but unfortunately the 3D printed parts broke. We started printing the parts so that they are stronger, and won’t break. We also started working on the electronics.

In software team, Robert and Kian worked on tele-op. They fixed some problems with the hardware map and made BoxyHardwareHandler. Andrew talked with Mr.Simmons about game strategy. Mr.Simmons came up with a cool idea for knocking the mineral off, and Andrew thought of a good way to align oneself based off of the lines. Isaac made a hardware diagram for Boxy and tested its motors.

Marketing Team made plans for the homecoming parade this Friday. We also updated our Instagram, and started creating templates for our engineering notebook.

Meeting Minutes 09/09/2018

Season Kickoff

We decided to get together for the release of 2018 Rules and Gameplay video. We watched some conspiracy videos about the teaser. Then we tuned into twitch for the release. After the video came out we watched it several more times while writing down some rules and all the possible ways to score points. After we brainstormed and discussed for a little while we watched some competition videos of some of the winning teams for last year so we could get some more ideas.

Meeting Minutes 8/30/2018

Today we kicked off the season with our first meeting! We introduced new members, discussed rules and expectations, and watched the 2019 Rover Ruckus teaser video. We also considered plans for recruiting more people and the future of our team. Tomorrow our school will be hosting its annual Block Party, where we will start meeting new students at our school.

Meeting Minutes 01/30/18

The last meeting of the of January ends with a chilly evening, but the C Hawks are sure to return to continue their hard work. Our next Thursday meeting will kick off our February timeline. With States on the horizon, we only have a few weeks left!


  • Duncan – worked on supporting the lift mechanism and implementing a way to power it.
  • Anthony – worked on modifying a few parts with Mr. Minto in order to make the robot more sturdy, of course we couldn’t finish everything in time.
  • Mira- I designed a 3D Printed piece to mount the intake wheels at an angle.
  • Angel – I helped troubleshoot the new frame and I am taking some pieces home to experiment


  • Isaac – Reviewed issue with Navx turn and wheels. Discovered phones/config files were the source of the problem.
  • Logan – Assisted Andrew in creating the glyph code for the left column. Created an encoder drive cheat sheet with all of the needed math.
  • Andrew – worked on creating code for the cryptobox. Got the bot to get off the stone consistently, as well as face the cryptobox consistently.


  • Katie- reviewed and rewrote summary page and parts of the notebook
  • Kai- Began thumbnails, moodboard, and rough drafts of Notebook cover

Meeting Minutes 01/11/18

States is still far ahead, but the hard work continues.

Logan – Added DogeCV to the new clean build of the software. Also created a test program to make the robot move with DogeCV, but got an error.

Andrew – Fixed the VuForia program from running indefinitely. Also worked on the autonomous mode incorporating VuForia.

Katie – Emailed another team about a guest blog post

John- Worked on the lift mechanism for the robot, helped Katie write the email for the blog post, Ayaan lifted me up.

Duncan- assembled a worm gear and drilled out one if the 3d pieces  ayaan also lifted me

Danielle- holonomic and tank modes for nextgen

Isaac – Worked on jewel arm


Meeting Minutes 20171128


Andrew & Logan: We wrote code so that left and right triggers activate the left and right lift arms respectively. We also edited the code so that the arm opens wider.

Isaac: Created hardware method for the NavX sensor for easier future implementation.

Erin, Lizzie, and Katie: Brainstormed and recorded ideas for the Promote video award

Duncan: worked on  a pit crew, assigned jobs to everyone for competition. Checked on K-bot made sure it is competition ready.

John: Came in late to meeting today as a result of workloads from home/school. Designed a driving challenge for those who wanted to become drivers. Completed practice for some.

Kavin: Worked on re-cockfighting k-bots’s wheels, re checked loose wire connections, and worked on designing a holder for the screw lift in Autodesk Inventor.

Meeting Minutes 20171108

Isaac – Filled out application for the Control Award. See Google Drive. Added a few more entries to the table in the Slack section of the notebook.

Duncan:added new grip to the grabber and worked on adding the Boxy section to the hardware notebook.

Ayaan: Practiced driving again and figured out a new problem with the Bot and worked on the Engineering Notebook

Kai: Updated more graphic design documents. Brief work on Engineering Notebook.

Logan: Got all of the screenshots into the programming section of the engineering notebook. All that’s left is to add a few captions. I also drove the robot a bit.

Kavin: Worked on crimping, attaching and zip tying wires to Kbot. Worked on tying the string better on the lift and practiced driving Kbot.

Meeting Minutes 20171107

Kai- updated last years competition documents to this years information. Added new page to website that was written by Mira. Brief work on judging panel.


Isaac – Started and finished implementing NavX turning code into existing Autonomous modes.

Andrew – Worked on the software part of the engineering notebook. Mapped out the route of the robot during autonomous mode, as well as describing why we did what we did.

Logan – Worked on the hardware and teleop sections of the engineering notebook.


Duncan:I finished adding lock-tite to the axle hubs and gears on k-bot. Went through the robot inspection list with John, only missing one thing on the checklist which is a power switch.

John : Applied lock-tite to the left side of the robot while Duncan did the right. Did the robot inspection. Applied for coaching driving team b

Ayaan: Worked on the engineering notebook and became Driver for team B