meeting minutes 10/19

Today the software team did some extensive code optimization and testing. Isaac tested dogeCV, figuring out where the phone should be. Logan created a servo program and saw the servo was very buggy. Andrew created the gamepad handlers for tele-op. He also is tested them and figured out some bugs.

Today, Hardware worked on the lift. the lift mount is secure and we added the turning mechanism, next time we will work on adding the lift part, as well as designing the slide. We also worked on the electronic component, and we built the plexiglass and drilled holes so we can attach it easily, and the software team told us where we need to put the phone. Next time we will work on sketching out the electronic components, and the lift mechanism.

Meeting Minutes 20171207

Andrew – worked on new bot design. Worked on lift and intake mechanism designs.

Logan – Discussed design ideas with the rest of the team. Came up with the idea of using a wedge to deposit the cubes and sketched it.

Joseph: Began the frame for an outreach bot. This is will be a project for the seniors as it will not be used for competition.

John- Worked on scheduling out timeline for robotics and talked with seniors about outreach robot