Orange County AAR

An AAR is something we like to do after each competition. AAR stands for After Action Review. in our AARs we list three bad things that we did and three good things we did.

  •  Isaac
    • Bad
      • Software was incomplete
      • Once lift was implemented the sampling was inconsistent
      • Issues with app; did not interfere with us on field
    • good
      • worked well under pressure
      • Communicated well with other teams
      • Got Award
  • Troy
    • Bad
      • Did not finish robot quickly enough
      • another team distracted key members while judges were at our table
      • members weren’t 100% attentive the whole time
    • good
      • we got the lift to work
      • We got chosen for a final alliance
      • Software coded efficiently
  • Sonny
    • Bad
      • Could have gone more in depth on certain topics in the engineering notebook
      • Marketing section in the notebook was not great
      • We could have used more sophisticated words
    • good
      • Covered all necessary areas in engineering notebook
      • Covered future goals effectively
      • We got the design award
  • Logan
    • Bad
      • A certain someone needs to work on their listening skills
      • We needed to have more time to debug the robot
      • our outreach section wasn’t very good
    • good
      • Robot turned out OK
      • Judging speech was alright
      • Software came through for us at the competition

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