meeting minutes 10/2

We had a great meeting today, I’ve helped with the design of our mascots basic wing mechanics, and today the software team seemed to be successful


Today the software team accomplished quite a bit. Today we figured out the problem with the program named “DogeCV”. Isaac made the NavX code more functionable, more efficient, and more compact. He is currently working on the solution for the program “DogeCV”. Robert fixed his android studio once again. We began thinking of a way to effectively align ourselves. Kian tested all the different sources of codes today.

Build team made a lot of progress today such as finishing on our chassis design and deciding to use a box chassis model that was 3 3/4 tall that has tractor wheels and a 4 wheel tank drive that has sprockets so the chain is moving at a 90 degree angle. We also finished working on the second prototype of the spinning collector, and are preparing for the third and hopefully final design for the collector. We worked on the next boxy and finally we decided on a design to put the spinning collector on the robot with the lift, so it will be able to extend and collect minerals from far away, and then put them in the lander.

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