Today in the hardware team we finished the prototype and decided on the spinning collector. We are now working on the extension of the spinning collector so we can lift the minerals to the lander. We also repaired the boxy and made test chaises.

Today the software team finished the hardware map for boxy and nextgen. It took a lot of tries to get the hardware map for boxy to work, but we got there in the end. Boxy had many mechanical flaws while we were testing it, so that is why it took a while to finish. For nextgen, we were able to get it done quickly, as we had learned from making boxy’s hardware map. After finishing the hardware map, there were some initialization problems with boxy, which took us the best part of the meeting. Finally, we got it to work. Afterwards, getting nextgen to work was just adding support for two more wheels, as we had resolved all the problems.

On the marketing team we spray painted the supports for the poster for back to school night. It took practically the whole meting. It got all of the fronts of the supports painted but it ended up that some of the them were splotchy and were going to have to do another layer. We only got to the back of three of the supports before we ran out of paint.

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