Meeting Minutes 02/20/18

First meeting of crunch week! We hit the ground running, starting right after school all the way till 9pm! Software is getting the bot prepped for the drivers, and judging panel is mastering their speeches once again. With four days till states, there’s not a second to waste!

Kavin- Worked on CAD parts of the design notebook. Added photos of development of grabbers, explanation of limit switch mount, and next gen-predesign assembly on CAD.

Kara- Fixed an error in the autonomous code, worked on my judging speech and memorized the kryptobox keys.

Mira-I worked on attaching a servo to the glyph box in order to hold the glyphs. We only had enough space to fit it on one side. Then I worked on judging.

Erin-Worked on editing the engineering notebook and helped the judging group.

Troy – Worked on a holder to block the glyphs from falling off the lift when putting them on the top to parts of the cryptobox

Isaac – Worked on finishing the control award. Got most of the way through the standard form.

Igor – Fixed the problems on the CAD of the phone support.

Logan – I tested the BlueStone1 code, but the navx had issues connecting. I also practiced my judgment speech.

Andrew – I worked on the code for the lift, and to reset it. I also worked on the code for set the position of the lift, so that we can collect blocks better.

Rohan – Put updated photos in the engineering notebook

John – Worked on judging for the robotics did at least 3 presentation and worked on the notebook a little.

Kai- updated judging speech and practiced with judging panel


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