Meeting Minutes 02/17/18

The last Saturday before States! Crunch time is upon us, and we’re hunkering down! Next Gen is up and running, bug testing and final tweaking are happening as we speak! Our members our dedicated to making sure our robot is top notch!

Kai- Revisted judging speech and started improving. Started side panel designs

Kara- Worked on organizing wires on robot and edited some of the notebook and practiced speech.

John.W-  Swapped out the motor because we deduced it was broke. Worked on the engineering notebook.

Duncan – fished the wiring  for NextGen and worked on the engineering notebook

Isaac – Worked on the engineering notebook. Wrote a paragraph about Git branches.

Logan – Created a wiring diagram of NextGen. I began enabling everything on NextGen too.

Andrew – Worked on code for the NextGen’s lift. Also worked on the engineering notebook.

Andersen Xue – Reviewed notebook and made sure everything was fixed. Also made a more realistic picture of the NextGen controller.

Mira – I worked on finishing some wiring. Updated the engineering notebook for the 3D printed parts and lift. I worked on writing my judging speech.

Igor – Finished building in CAD the phone slide and support.

Troy – Worked on the NextGen part of the engineering notebook.  Looked at the speeches.


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