Meeting Minutes 02/10/18

This Saturday meeting was one step closer to completing the build. The Engineering Notebook is being updated tremendously as we near our final design. After weeks of trial and error, we’re nearing success!

Ayaan- Worked on notebook chassis section and how it has changed since Orange County

Duncan- improved the ramp on the collector system by providing input on the ramps flaws like the fact that it was to narrow.

Isaac – Wrote in the notebook about servos and our general Autonomous procedure. Created a flowchart about the Autonomous procedure part and put it in the notebook.

Kara- Worked on creating a frame for our electronics to go in.

Igor- Worked on CAD design for the phone support.

John.W –  Coordinated the lunch today. Cleaned the poly-carb with Kai. Changed some details on the notebook.

Logan – Fixed BoxD so we can drive it now. We also finished the notebook.

Kai- Began reorganizing notebook for better flow and graphic design. Also briefly provided input on ramp, as well as cleaning off old poly-carb for re-use.

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