Meeting Minutes 02/01/18

First day of February! First meetings of competition month! Software has made tremendous progress, and as a reward Coach Cassie presented the team a gift! Two custom-made controllers with our <C://>Hawks logo! We are proud to take these and show them off at the upcoming States Competition!

-Duncan:  worked  on the grabbers for the  robot,  and the side panels for the electronics.

-Troy: Worked on the grabbers and attached the battery holder.

-Andrew: Made the robot be able to go into the center of the cryptobox and deposit a glyph. Going to work on left and right next time.

Logan – Finished all of the math necessary for the encoder drive to be accurate. Started creating a test program for the NextGen lift mechanism.

Mira – I attached the intake wheels using the mounts I printed.We began testing by attaching these other wheels and cut them down, so they were the right size.

Isaac – Utilized the disable() method to detach DogeCV from the phone camera. Also began integrating Vuforia to make it so we do everything in autonomous.

Angel – Helped Duncan and Mira with the grabber and tried to free some stripped set screws.


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