Meeting Minutes 01/30/18

The last meeting of the of January ends with a chilly evening, but the C Hawks are sure to return to continue their hard work. Our next Thursday meeting will kick off our February timeline. With States on the horizon, we only have a few weeks left!


  • Duncan – worked on supporting the lift mechanism and implementing a way to power it.
  • Anthony – worked on modifying a few parts with Mr. Minto in order to make the robot more sturdy, of course we couldn’t finish everything in time.
  • Mira- I designed a 3D Printed piece to mount the intake wheels at an angle.
  • Angel – I helped troubleshoot the new frame and I am taking some pieces home to experiment


  • Isaac – Reviewed issue with Navx turn and wheels. Discovered phones/config files were the source of the problem.
  • Logan – Assisted Andrew in creating the glyph code for the left column. Created an encoder drive cheat sheet with all of the needed math.
  • Andrew – worked on creating code for the cryptobox. Got the bot to get off the stone consistently, as well as face the cryptobox consistently.


  • Katie- reviewed and rewrote summary page and parts of the notebook
  • Kai- Began thumbnails, moodboard, and rough drafts of Notebook cover

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