Meeting Minutes 01/29/18

School was off this Monday, but the Robotics team was not! Two days left in the month to meet our goals, and we’re going all out to make it. Members are spending there last, precious day off to commit to our robot’s progress.

Ayaan: Worked on making the hubs big enough to fit our long bolt, worked on making the wheels and worked on problem solving for the stability issue of the bot

John: Mounted the lifter on the bot and worked on mounting the wheels. Good progress, hope to see the lifter stabilized

Duncan: Continued working on wheels, chain, and lift mechanism.

Isaac: Attempted to fix problem where navx turn run inside a vuforia scanning loop would not function. Was not able to reproduce problem, so was not able to fix.

Logan – Helped strengthen the chassis with Angel. Now the chassis has three supporting beams.

Angel – Designed and cut Plexiglas ramps for mounting the balancing stone. Also helped Logan strengthen the chassis.

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