Meeting Minutes 01/27/18

The last Saturday of the month does not mean the end of our extra meetings until February; we still plan to meet on our Monday off to wrap up what we have. We intend to meet each and every one of our goals set for the end of the month, and today we’ve been preparing for the hard work that’s soon to come. Andrew – Tested NavX turn in Vuforia. Worked on the op mode. Debugged the location where we did the navX turn in BlueAlliance1Vuforia. Isaac – Added x,b button responses to Gamepad 2 for the main teleop opmode for the nextgen bot. Also began adding some explanatory comments to the jewel arm op modes. Andersen – Viewed red and blue jewel knocking of the robot. Assisted Isaac in the placement and coding of the control buttons. Ayaan: Started making script and working on ideas for the Promote award video. Assisted John with wheel installation John: Worked on the motor functions of the robot(lock tight, new frame, wheels, and mounting). Next meeting we’re going to strengthen the bot. Duncan: Assisted John with wheel installation on the new bot Kavin- Locktighted lots of nuts, bolts, and wheels. Helped fix Mecchannum wheel and helped assemble new chassis. Logan – Finalized the gem code for the blue alliance, finishing all of the stone and gem code for every stone. I assisted Andrew in making the Vuforia code. Mira- I attached the printed motor mount to the the lift. We had a problem of the motor mount hitting the platform, so I altered the mount to be reprinted. \

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