Meeting Minutes 01/25/18

The quarter may be finished but we sure aren’t! Even after a early release, we’ve come right back to school to continue working on our robot! Frames are being perfected and coding closes in on their blue/red alliance-unique codes!

Isaac – Helped Logan with the Blue Alliance opmodes and integrating them with the Jewel arm. We have all 4 of our opmodes integrated with the gem arm now.

Andrew – Made the VuForia program work for the left cryptobox.  Corrected many of the errors in the program. Thinking about implementing the NavX sensor.

Kara- Installed wheels on the frame of the robot. Also made sure that software team was on task durring the meeting.

Logan – Created the code for the blue stones with DogeCV. Tested all of the code to make sure it works also.

Chris – Created pipe cleaner wing frames for the mechanical pet bird.

Duncan- added the rest of the wheels to the new robot and started working out how to attach the lift and grabbers  to the robot

Mira-Added the worm gear contraption to the lift and began planning how to fit the lift with the collector.

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