Meeting Minutes 01/23/18

It was a rainy day when the robotics team got to work on the robot. It led to progress that slowly but surely trudged through. Software team is closing in on it’s goal every meeting, and hardware continues to design and build a stellar robot!

Isaac – Added Jewel arm functionality to 2 of 4 existing Autonomous modes (the red alliance ones) as well as new NavX implementation into those particular opmodes. Other 2 pending from Logan.

Logan – I created a new configuration file on the red phones for boxy, as the old one did not include the servos. Also started working on combining the blue stone with the gem knocker.

Andrew – Worked on making the robot drive consistently into the safe zone. Also worked on making the robot not ram into the drive walls. Starting work on other stones.

Rohan- Today I worked on designing a 3D printed part that would be used to grab the relic. I combined my piece with a hinge I received from Thingiverse, edited the piece so that it would fit with my part, and then sent both pieces for printing. The parts are currently printing as I write this blog post. Hopefully they will turn out well.

Duncan-  secured the frame of the new robot and drilled out holes in the frame to accommodate for the new  axles.

John W- I helped the meals  on wheels. Also installed a new motor into the muncher/collector, seems to function alright

Kavin- Designed and printed new wheel spacers. Helped assemble new wheels. \

Mira-I had to add a screw into the frame of the lift and when I was doing it, the whole frame fell apart, so I had to rebuild the whole thing. However, all is well now.


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