Meeting Minutes 01/20/18

Another Saturday meeting. another great meal, more great progress!

Kavin- Helped assemble mechanum wheels, new robot chassis, designed wheel spacer in CAD, and drilled holes in mechanum wheels spacers to fit correct sized parts.

John- Came in a little late today but really it was worth because we had a fantastic lunch with Boston Market and homemade mac and cheese. Drilled out the wheel fitting and attempted to make a brass ring for a spacer. We ended up making a 3D printed version

Logan – Tested all of the gem and alliance combos for the gem hitter. Added the wait statements to the red alliance gem code.

Kai- Spent the whole meeting disassembling and reassembling a complicated piece of the lift mechanism for precision so that it could function perfectly. This involved alterations to multiple metal pieces.

Andersen Xue: Coded on Nextgenthetank, added buttons, watched a coach Cassie inspirational video and was temporary cheerleader.

Angel – Assembled and tested ‘BlockMunch’ mechanism based on CAD design and 3D printed parts.  I had to edit some parts of the 3D printed pieces because I did not account for the error of the printer.

The BlockMuncher is shown below:

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