Meeting Minutes 01/13/18

Another Saturday meeting to get some quality work time. Progress continues on!

Angel — Worked on CAD design for new ‘Muncher’

Logan – Worked on the gem test program, but ran into problems. Made it into a linear                       opmode but still errors occur.

Andersen -Drew a switch and demonstrated how it turns true to false and false to true. More coding and motor/switch placement. Viewed glyph collector with plastic claw.

Isaac – Added functionality to Jewel Arm mechanical test op mode. It now demonstrates the positions the arm is to go to during Autonomous mode.

Duncan- made a frame for the new robot and worked on the collection box for the cubes.

Mira- I altered the 3D printed parts of the lift to fit inside the maker beam, so it can go closer to the ground to collect the blocks.

Joseph – outreach robot now driving and claw is coming along. one servo is attached for rotation, and another is attached for grabbing of blocks. will be working on gyro and servo controlling over weekend and into next meeting.

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