Meeting Minutes 01/09/18

Fresh from winter break, we return to make progress in strides. Work on all aspects is gaining momentum as we approach states.

Ayaan- Worked on the robot wheels and brainstormed video ideas

John- Reestablished contact with our outreach leader, updated self on the coach movie progress, and some other cool  stuffz

Erin and Kai- shot a few more clips for the video and began to compile the rest of it.

Logan – fixed the DOGE CV, realized the chawks folder was missing.

Isaac – Tried to begin testing on the jewel arm code, but multiple elements of the code broke and the yellow phones present a network error on app launch.

Troy- started to build box for glyphs, and worked on improving the glyph collector er

Andersen- Drew a controller to direct where certain buttons go to control specific motors.  Modified drawing to establish which motors are to be placed on the controller for comfortableness of the driver.

Andrew – Worked on fixing the configuration for KBot. Worked on some VuForia.

Kavin- worked on the 4th version of “massage roller” (block feeders). Tested the 3rd version of the block feeders and printed a prototype block feeder.

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