Meeting Minutes 01/06/18

Kavin- finished working on 2 different designs for the new robot’s block feeders on CAD.

Andersen- Sketched a drawing of nextgen bot on Coach Cassie’s notebook. Did some git commits and coded on branches. Named Motors and Servos along with their functionality.

Andrew – Worked on code for Vuforia, and got the robot to sense the pictures. Need to fix robot continuous sensing picture after its gone.

Logan – Worked on importing DogeCV.

Troy – Worked on the glyph collector. Found the design was too big so we need John Angle will work on it on a later date.

Mira- Made parts on the lift to hold the box. Started figuring out how to mount the motor to the lift and designing a 3D printed motor mount

Rohan/Joseph – Continued work on the outreach robot. The base is put together, and a foundation has been placed. Initial electronics and motors are in place with initial wiring in place as well. Robot is a meeting away from driving. Next meeting goal is to finalize initial wiring and motors, as well as get holonomic driving working with new bot.

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