Meeting Minutes 01/30/18

The last meeting of the of January ends with a chilly evening, but the C Hawks are sure to return to continue their hard work. Our next Thursday meeting will kick off our February timeline. With States on the horizon, we only have a few weeks left!


  • Duncan – worked on supporting the lift mechanism and implementing a way to power it.
  • Anthony – worked on modifying a few parts with Mr. Minto in order to make the robot more sturdy, of course we couldn’t finish everything in time.
  • Mira- I designed a 3D Printed piece to mount the intake wheels at an angle.
  • Angel – I helped troubleshoot the new frame and I am taking some pieces home to experiment


  • Isaac – Reviewed issue with Navx turn and wheels. Discovered phones/config files were the source of the problem.
  • Logan – Assisted Andrew in creating the glyph code for the left column. Created an encoder drive cheat sheet with all of the needed math.
  • Andrew – worked on creating code for the cryptobox. Got the bot to get off the stone consistently, as well as face the cryptobox consistently.


  • Katie- reviewed and rewrote summary page and parts of the notebook
  • Kai- Began thumbnails, moodboard, and rough drafts of Notebook cover

Meeting Minutes 01/29/18

School was off this Monday, but the Robotics team was not! Two days left in the month to meet our goals, and we’re going all out to make it. Members are spending there last, precious day off to commit to our robot’s progress.

Ayaan: Worked on making the hubs big enough to fit our long bolt, worked on making the wheels and worked on problem solving for the stability issue of the bot

John: Mounted the lifter on the bot and worked on mounting the wheels. Good progress, hope to see the lifter stabilized

Duncan: Continued working on wheels, chain, and lift mechanism.

Isaac: Attempted to fix problem where navx turn run inside a vuforia scanning loop would not function. Was not able to reproduce problem, so was not able to fix.

Logan – Helped strengthen the chassis with Angel. Now the chassis has three supporting beams.

Angel – Designed and cut Plexiglas ramps for mounting the balancing stone. Also helped Logan strengthen the chassis.

Meeting Minutes 01/27/18

The last Saturday of the month does not mean the end of our extra meetings until February; we still plan to meet on our Monday off to wrap up what we have. We intend to meet each and every one of our goals set for the end of the month, and today we’ve been preparing for the hard work that’s soon to come. Andrew – Tested NavX turn in Vuforia. Worked on the op mode. Debugged the location where we did the navX turn in BlueAlliance1Vuforia. Isaac – Added x,b button responses to Gamepad 2 for the main teleop opmode for the nextgen bot. Also began adding some explanatory comments to the jewel arm op modes. Andersen – Viewed red and blue jewel knocking of the robot. Assisted Isaac in the placement and coding of the control buttons. Ayaan: Started making script and working on ideas for the Promote award video. Assisted John with wheel installation John: Worked on the motor functions of the robot(lock tight, new frame, wheels, and mounting). Next meeting we’re going to strengthen the bot. Duncan: Assisted John with wheel installation on the new bot Kavin- Locktighted lots of nuts, bolts, and wheels. Helped fix Mecchannum wheel and helped assemble new chassis. Logan – Finalized the gem code for the blue alliance, finishing all of the stone and gem code for every stone. I assisted Andrew in making the Vuforia code. Mira- I attached the printed motor mount to the the lift. We had a problem of the motor mount hitting the platform, so I altered the mount to be reprinted. \

Meeting Minutes 01/25/18

The quarter may be finished but we sure aren’t! Even after a early release, we’ve come right back to school to continue working on our robot! Frames are being perfected and coding closes in on their blue/red alliance-unique codes!

Isaac – Helped Logan with the Blue Alliance opmodes and integrating them with the Jewel arm. We have all 4 of our opmodes integrated with the gem arm now.

Andrew – Made the VuForia program work for the left cryptobox.  Corrected many of the errors in the program. Thinking about implementing the NavX sensor.

Kara- Installed wheels on the frame of the robot. Also made sure that software team was on task durring the meeting.

Logan – Created the code for the blue stones with DogeCV. Tested all of the code to make sure it works also.

Chris – Created pipe cleaner wing frames for the mechanical pet bird.

Duncan- added the rest of the wheels to the new robot and started working out how to attach the lift and grabbers  to the robot

Mira-Added the worm gear contraption to the lift and began planning how to fit the lift with the collector.

Meeting Minutes 01/23/18

It was a rainy day when the robotics team got to work on the robot. It led to progress that slowly but surely trudged through. Software team is closing in on it’s goal every meeting, and hardware continues to design and build a stellar robot!

Isaac – Added Jewel arm functionality to 2 of 4 existing Autonomous modes (the red alliance ones) as well as new NavX implementation into those particular opmodes. Other 2 pending from Logan.

Logan – I created a new configuration file on the red phones for boxy, as the old one did not include the servos. Also started working on combining the blue stone with the gem knocker.

Andrew – Worked on making the robot drive consistently into the safe zone. Also worked on making the robot not ram into the drive walls. Starting work on other stones.

Rohan- Today I worked on designing a 3D printed part that would be used to grab the relic. I combined my piece with a hinge I received from Thingiverse, edited the piece so that it would fit with my part, and then sent both pieces for printing. The parts are currently printing as I write this blog post. Hopefully they will turn out well.

Duncan-  secured the frame of the new robot and drilled out holes in the frame to accommodate for the new  axles.

John W- I helped the meals  on wheels. Also installed a new motor into the muncher/collector, seems to function alright

Kavin- Designed and printed new wheel spacers. Helped assemble new wheels. \

Mira-I had to add a screw into the frame of the lift and when I was doing it, the whole frame fell apart, so I had to rebuild the whole thing. However, all is well now.


Meeting Minutes 01/20/18

Another Saturday meeting. another great meal, more great progress!

Kavin- Helped assemble mechanum wheels, new robot chassis, designed wheel spacer in CAD, and drilled holes in mechanum wheels spacers to fit correct sized parts.

John- Came in a little late today but really it was worth because we had a fantastic lunch with Boston Market and homemade mac and cheese. Drilled out the wheel fitting and attempted to make a brass ring for a spacer. We ended up making a 3D printed version

Logan – Tested all of the gem and alliance combos for the gem hitter. Added the wait statements to the red alliance gem code.

Kai- Spent the whole meeting disassembling and reassembling a complicated piece of the lift mechanism for precision so that it could function perfectly. This involved alterations to multiple metal pieces.

Andersen Xue: Coded on Nextgenthetank, added buttons, watched a coach Cassie inspirational video and was temporary cheerleader.

Angel – Assembled and tested ‘BlockMunch’ mechanism based on CAD design and 3D printed parts.  I had to edit some parts of the 3D printed pieces because I did not account for the error of the printer.

The BlockMuncher is shown below:

Meeting Minutes 01/18/2018

Just over a month until states, progress is in full steam ahead!

Kai- Finished Compass Award video

Logan – Helped create the DogeCV code for red alliance. Also fixed the original blue team DogeCV code. Helped Isaac move the servo according to the gem order.

Isaac – Helped Logan. Fixed part of his fix of the original blue team DogeCV

Angel – Worked on assembling CAD design

Andrew- Fixed the error with VuForia not sensing the pictures. Made it so that VuForia senses pictures, but doesn’t constantly repeat the code.

John- Thought of a new mounting design with the build team on how to mount the motors with bearings. Drilled out a few parts. Provided emotional support for Ayaan who was working on his IA.

Duncan- Helped John our glorious leader/reader with disassembling important components of our robot so we could work on them. Contributed the the mounting design n some stuff. Thought about my future and my past . . . xd emo much

Ayaan- Received much needed emotional support

Meeting Minutes 01/16/2018

John- Worked on the wheels for the robot as well as cube collector arms. Most likely going to take apart senior robot.

Ayaan- Worked on wheels of new robot

Andrew – Worked on VuForia, and fixed it from constantly running. Made tweaks to the code for blue stone 1.

Isaac – Almost finished integrating servos with DogeCV. Only with 1 opmode, blue only for now.

Logan – Fixed the the camera rotation issue. Worked on getting DogeCV to not error          when the motors are called.

Meeting Minutes 01/13/18

Another Saturday meeting to get some quality work time. Progress continues on!

Angel — Worked on CAD design for new ‘Muncher’

Logan – Worked on the gem test program, but ran into problems. Made it into a linear                       opmode but still errors occur.

Andersen -Drew a switch and demonstrated how it turns true to false and false to true. More coding and motor/switch placement. Viewed glyph collector with plastic claw.

Isaac – Added functionality to Jewel Arm mechanical test op mode. It now demonstrates the positions the arm is to go to during Autonomous mode.

Duncan- made a frame for the new robot and worked on the collection box for the cubes.

Mira- I altered the 3D printed parts of the lift to fit inside the maker beam, so it can go closer to the ground to collect the blocks.

Joseph – outreach robot now driving and claw is coming along. one servo is attached for rotation, and another is attached for grabbing of blocks. will be working on gyro and servo controlling over weekend and into next meeting.