Meeting Minutes 20171205


  • AAR
  • magnificent 5 review
  • Scout Report
  • future Plans
  • Final Thoughts



We discussed what we did well in and poorly in during the competition last Saturday.  We also discussed how we could improve the things we did poorly in, so we could improve for the regional competition.

Good things we did:

  • The robot was stable
  • The driving team was practiced  and
  • d
  • t
  • Pit crew
  • Learned from mistakes
  • Team Thanks

Bad things we did:

  • Dropping Ranks
  • Poor practice for judging
  • Alliance plan failing
  • Lunch communication
  • No overall improvement
  • talking during awards
  • hanging out in the cafeteria
  • Crowding in the pit
  • Software pop up updates


Magnificent 5 reviews

During the judging period, we were asked a very vague question, which was “what was the purpose of our outreach”, and we had not prepared for that question.  We have come up with our appropriate responses for that question, that we will use the next time we are asked that question.  We came up with the answer “We want to get the word of robotics out there, and we want to get companies interested in helping us in spreading the word” we also did this with other questions that we had trouble answering.


Scout Report

During the competition, we were able to come in 10th, however we were unable to score more than 100 end points.  We found that all the teams above us got more than 100 points, and one team was able to get more than 100 points per match.  During this section, we mainly talked about how to score more points.  We found that it would be good to put the last block in a pattern, however it would be hard, and we would have to do it with alliance partner, which could fail, and in certain situations it would be strategically better to go for the relic instead.  We also looked at how the Herndon team did so well, and we found that although we had similar robots, they did better because they practiced a lot more than we did, and we decided to have more driver practice time.


Future Plans

During the meeting, we discussed things that we should do to improve our in and out of game competition.

We decided to do the following things for the out of game competition:

  • update cards (emails and and game mats)
  • tchotchkes
  • poster board for judges and booth

We also were looking for new designs and decided to try the following parts:

  • New collection system (blocks)
  • New Lift system
  • New lazy Susan
  • New Relic grabber

Final Thoughts

We believe that we are ready for the super regional competition, and that we can make it to worlds.

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