Meeting Minutes 20171028

Today was a very productive day for both the software and hardware team. Progress on boxy, Ocscar, K-bot, and autonomous! The website had a few tweaks overall.


John: Mounted the NaVx module onto “Boxy” which is now the strongest on most secure piece, finished work on upholstering one of the grabber arm for “Oscar”, started work on the drive wheels for “Oscar.” Directed some of the design process to Kavin and Mira.

Duncan: Finished wiring the electronics, used zip ties. Extended the jewel knocker arm. Changed the pulley on the lifter to allow its function to be smoother(K-Bot). “K-bot” was given to software.


Worked on some autonomous code in order to get to the safe zone.

MR color sensor:     Can accurately detect colors, but depends not only on distance but exact color can change with background lighting.  Also the ODS does not seem to be able to detect color, just distance. – Angel

Created the configuration and hardware file for KBot, and also worked on debugging it. Also created a wiring diagram and fixed some cables.

Debugged NavX sensor code and tested motor-less code on full Boxy. – Isaac


Assigned parts of the notebook and created bios for team members.

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