Meeting Minutes 20171026

As we approach our first qualifier, we are preparing to begin crunch week. Fragments of robot and design our coming together as things get hectic.



Kai: Extensive design work on the website

Judging Team: Meet and discussed judging session plans with Herndon mentors Coach Simmons and Coach Koca

Hard ware

Duncan: finished adding the electronics to the robot and began wiring them up. Also talked to software about the functions of the robot so that they can decide what pats of the controllers do what

Evan and Danielle: Fixed motor codes for boxy and started to assign controls to the remote

John: Did the primary wiring on the robot, had a talk in order to prep for Inspire Award, deciding on meeting new meeting dates for crunch week(exciting!)


Isaac: Added lines of code that should begin allow course correction. Testing of code pending.


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