Meeting Minutes 20171024

We decided on Tshirts today, and mounted electronics on Kbot. We continued working on the code for the NavX sensor.


Isaac: Started to add code for the implementation of the NavX sensor in course correction in Autonomous mode(s).

Joseph/Kara: Worked on turning to an exact degree based on the robot’s dimensions. Next meeting will get the code to control and move the motors.


Anthony: I helped out today by working on the lift mechanism and later I did the tedious of assembling mecanum wheels like a dumb homosapien.

Mira: I worked on modeling the frame of the k bot in CAD and added the lift.

John(in association with Duncan and Ayaan): Helped with the progression of K-bot by checking the operations of the lift, mounting electronics, and working out the other details

Kai: Worked on Oscar’s motor placements

Ayaan: worked with Kai and picked final T-shirt design, assembled some mechanum wheels.




Lizzie: I posted about our school’s website announcement of our competition on the blog.

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