Meeting Minutes 20171019


  • Finish grabber
  • Get “boxy” formatted for emergency competition
  • Development of “Oscar” and light work on “Kaven bot”



  • Today we started to develop a basic autonomous code using dead reckoning as a framework for future autonomous programs
  • We did bug fixing for the basic Autonomous program because it did not actually do anything
  • Someone mentioned skeletons and its October. 3sp00ky5m3
  • We also worked on making the grabber code actually work
  • We created a diagram for the wiring on boxy and began to work on buttons for the controller


  • Business Meeting planned for Saturday



Ayaan- Mentored some of the new members with the “Kerven bot.” Made cosmetic additions to “Trash-truck bot”

John- Finished work on the duplicate grabber and helped get it on to “Oscar.”

Duncan – Helped with bevel gear work, had some problems(not yet solved).

Evan – supervised Logan and new Andrew

Danielle- Helped Kara make a wiring diagram and controller diagram.

Geoffrey and Bradley Tried to connect motors to wheels but could not get the spacing correct

Angel- Finished lift mechanism(not mounted)

Kai- Attached other half of grabber lifter, cut special length of metal for duplicate grabber. It fits perfectly but we are still adding the grip tape to both limbs.
Isaac – Continued to debug the code for the grabber: still not stable enough to run.

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