Meeting Minutes 20171017

Alright… today in the hardware “lab” I sat down and did nothing while the other people were working on stuff. However, I realized that I needed to do work so I started doing that and that was pretty good.



  • Progress on the “Oscar the Grouch”
    • Considered pistons and alternatives
    • altered grabber (yet again)
    • considered bin design
  • Getting the drive system working on “Kavin-bot”
  • Replicating grabber


  • Began to create & debug code for the grabber – Isaac


  • John. W- Removed continuous servo from motor mount and put on a 90 degree version, 3/5 of the way to getting the new grabber done
  • Ayaan – Kavin Bot design finalization:  we are shortening the wheel base and cutting the chassis to fit our 18 inch mark. We might use chain for the back wheels as it will be more flexible and more convenient.
  • Mira – Added the attachment for the lift, and tweaked some things. Tried printing the platform that holds the grabber



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