Meeting Minutes 20171012


Isaac – Installed and debugged libraries for NavX sensor.

Kara- Put dates on the calendar, taught Daniel about phones and github

Logan, Andrew, Evan – Edited holonomic code to work for Boxy. Messed around with Boxy.


Duncan: We had the pieces today for one of our lifts designed out a new way to build it. also helped out Ayaan and Jeffery with the wheels and motors for competition bot. Added specific dates of when mechanism should be completed to the calendar

Mira – Started working on the lift mechanism, and modeling pieces in CAD.

Kai- Reworked dumpster frame to accommodate motors. Still in progress. continued thought on grabbing mechanism. Worked on brochures club fair version plus sponsor with Katie, John, and Erin.

Rohan: Finalized ideas for 3d printer lift, helped install wheels on Alpha Bot (formerly Kavin’s bot), assisted Mira in designing the 3d printed part for the 3d printer lift


Katie – Fixed part of the website and looked into notebook format.

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