Meeting Minutes 20171005



  • Make/turn in parts list
  • Have both groups continue working on the robot(s)


  • Wiring “Boxy” (a name for one of the robots)
  • Updating FTC app



What the hardware teams are working on:

Team 1

  • building a fork-lift bot
  • Attaching the motors and motor mounts


Team 2

  • Working on a “dump-truck” bot
  • Putting on the gears and wheel on their robot



What the software team is working on:

Team 1

  • “Trouble-shooting” the robot and wires
  • Fixing the motors
  • Still trying to debug the robot
  • updating phones to version 2.3.3
  • Updating tank drive

Team 2

  • “Squashed” a computer bug
  • updating the FTC code
  • Updating the spare phone






  • Researched awards and how to structure the notebook
  • Reviewed last year’s notebook and improvements that could be made
  • Started the final product for the brochure
  • She ACTUALLY drew stuff on CAD to help the team succeed (I was forced to type this way for this bullet point)



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