Meeting Minutes 20170930


  • Robot Plans and Design Discussions


  • Software Development
  • Website Work
  • A Productive Saturday

Robot Designs 

  • Set out priority plan on game point systems
    • Planned out future agenda based on priorities
  • Discussed plans for implementing multiple robot designs


  • Discussed several new robot designs, and ideas
    • Plan A-Kevin’s: Easiest to implant
      • Pros: simple, works, less time in build, efficient, more space, adaptable to new changes, fewer electronics –> more useful for other challenges
      • Cons: May be generic, lift could potentially be unstable
    • Plan B-Dump Truck: Needs fast arm and stacking management
      • Pros: Efficient, unique, extra space in middle/ front for added designs, same mechanism for Golden boi, more opportunities for winning awards and moving on
      • Cons: Ambitious, Complex, time consumed from planning
    • Plan C-Angel’s: Big, tricky, loading and unloading



  • Prototype



Progress with Software Team

  • Refreshed on Software


  • Learned Vuforia


  • Source Code Tree lesson
  • Created code for C bot.
    • Defined 4 motors for C-bot hardware
    • Copied and edited driving modes to work with above hardware

Website Work

  • Updated the website
  • Revised corporate sponsorship form
  • Changed the Home Page and created a Meeting Minutes page
  • Created an attendance form on Slack

A Productive Saturday

  • People were collaborating on the robot design
  • Evan has just joined the robotics team
  • Nine boxes of pizza were eaten today

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